ATLAS SXM is an accountancy, tax and advisory services firm. It combines the strengths of many years of experience on Sint Maarten and in the Netherlands. With a long and successful track record at big-four accountancy and tax firms on Sint Maarten, the knowledge of the local market on all services is huge, which will be included in our services. A quick response on questions is our keyword and our clients will for the majority of the contacts deal straight with the partner of the company


  • Juancho Yrausquin Blvd 26
    Philipsburg, Sint Maarten
  • phone : +1 721 554 4196
  • phone : +1 721 520 5295
  • Email : info@atlassxm.sx



  • Monthly and yearly payroll services
  • Payroll advise.

Atlas can provide the services related to the monthly payroll services, for which you will receive the following overviews:

  1. Bank payments to the employees
  2. Payslips for the employees
  3. SZV declarations and mutations
  4. Monthly tax declarations
  5. Monthly journal entries

On a yearly basis we will provide you with the wage tax cards and the annual wage tax declarations (the last mentioned document, we can file at the Inspectorate of Taxes on your behalf.

Payroll advice

  1. Test calculations
  2. Review of the existing payroll and optimize the payroll in order to reduce the expenses
  3. Benefits for employer and employee
  4. Expatriate status
  5. Set up of employee contracts
  6. Calculation of cessantia payments
  7. First registration of the company at SZV
  8. Other payroll advice;

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